DanceSport Reflexology  was created to help athletes increase their energy, balance and focus during competitions and increase game day performance as well as to recover faster.   While I continue to work with athletes, especially dancers, more and more of my clients are businesses looking for ways to help employees cope with the stress that is inherent in their jobs.  Highly stressed professionals need to have the energy and focus to perform well especially during difficult situations.  They also need to relax, rejuvenate, and sleep well. I also work with individuals who have developed health conditions that result from living with high levels of stress.  Patients scheduled for surgery benefit from Reflexology before and after as it reduces anxiety and pain, and facilitates healing.  Couples trying to conceive benefit from Reflexology as it reduces stress, and helps to balance the endocrine system.

The energy work that I do incorporated itself along with the reflexology from the beginning.  I cannot do one without the other, they simply work syncronistically and therefore my sessions tend to last longer than 50-60 minutes.  Both modalities balance and align the physical energy bodies.  This has been the focus of my work until Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy presented itself.